What is Flutter

What is Flutter


It is an Open source UI software development toolkit which is developed by Google .

It is a Framework which allows you to build native Cross palteform (Android ,IOS etc.) apps with single codebase.

The single code base is here then natively compiled according to the platform for which you are developing the app(Android, ios).

Why Flutter ?

  • As a developer if you want that your product should cover the maximum number of audiences.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Product of Google.
  • But my favorite is hot reload 😁 ; Hot reload implements the changes in your UI in a couple of seconds, without reloading the whole app again or messing with inputs and variables.
  • To know more about hot reload and hot restart .


  • It uses Dart language for development


  • A programming language which is developed by Google to Focused on Front-end(mobile,web,desktop etc.) User Interface(UI) development.
  • It is an Object-Oriented and Strongly typed programming language.
  • And also it provides the feature of Type Inference.

Why Flutter Loves Dart !

There are plenty of answers to this question one of them is,Dart uses two types of compilation AOT(Ahead Of Time) and JIT(Just In Time ).

Native App Conversion

  • Flutter consists Flutter Framework and Flutter SDK(software development kit).
  • Flutter framework is full of Widgets (basic UI building blocks)library ,Utility functions etc.
  • Flutter SDK is having tools which is used for native compilation .


  • In flutter everything is widget.
  • Widget are basic UI building blocks(such as bricks are for a wall).
  • Some famous widgets are Container,Column,Scaffold etc
  • Widgets are just like Objects in java or python.
  • Implementation of most of the properties of one Widget Class is either a widget of same or other widget Class or simple object of other class.

Why should you 🤎 Flutter😁

In the latest Flutter Engage event Flutter2.0 is annouced ;

  • So flutter now support 6+ Plateforms
  • null safety confirmation.
  • Flutter Web is now stable.
  • Ubuntu Officially announced that Flutter will be their choice for future apps.
  • Dual-Screens and Foldables revolution.
  • Some useful links

BY:  Rishabh Gupta

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